91 points for Alberti 154 Malbec 2014!

In August 2015, it was held in Bordeaux, France, the 1st Comprehensive Tasting of Andreas Larsson was . This is a pioneer wine tasting, being the only blind tasting, recorded with the presence of one of the best sommelier in the world. The tasting has 140 wines.

The tasting notes of our Alberti were: Red wine with a medium towards deep ruby-red colour. Fine nose quite layered there, mixing both red and dark fruit. Mild spiciness there, some notes of liquorice, plum, pepper, with a presence of cassis and dark plum. Fine oak in the background, adding just a hint of vanilla. Very nicely balanced palate. I think this is a wine that is combining concentration, with a subtly texture. Very finely grained tannins there, powdery. Also contributing to the freshness, the acidity is there as well. So I think it has a very nice mouthfeel, excellent drinkability there, with layers of beautiful, dark fruit. Finely spicy with well integrated oak. It is certainly a ripe style from a warm climate. But I think it is made in a slightly more restrained style. It is not really massive or
bold, it rather keeps the medium body frame. It has a fine flavour intensity and a very long finish. Already I would say it is a complex wine that will certainly gain a lot more from further cellaring.


Andreas Larsson’s tasting notes video!


91 pts to Alberti 154 Malbec 2012!

The BTI (Beverage Testing Institute) awarded our Alberti 154 Malbec 2012 with 91 points in the 2014 World Wine Championships.

The review was: “Garnet violet color. Aromas of roasted nuts, latte, and dried berries with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and zesty, chocolate citrus peel, bacon bits, and earth accented finish with fine chewy tannins. Excellent balance and flavor for a wide range of foods”.

The Beverage Testing Institute was founded in 1981 with the objective of producing fair and impartial wine reviews for consumers. Today, this philosophy still holds true.

Over the years, its buying guides have appeared in the Wine Enthusiast, Restaurant Hospitality, The New Yorker Magazine, Wine
& Spirits, International Wine Review,, All About Beer, and many others.